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Hello Guys,here i am posting latest Alone status . hope you like all Alone Status.

Alone Status for WhatsApp, Facebook | Short Alone Quotes

I hate being broken. I hate that i cannot go back

Why am i so afraid to lose you when you are not even mine?

Sometimes there is so much we feel but so little we can say.


Tears are prayers too. They travel to God when we can’t speak.


The only way is to move on, because if you don’t you’ll be suck where you are.


It must be really sad to not be able to do something you love as the years go by.


How did I go from being so happy, to so sad.


 When I Feel Truly Alone, With A Sense Of Being Lost, Even Empty Inside, It Is Then I Realize I Have Unknowingly Moved Away From God, So I Move Back.


Sometimes Its Better To Push Someone Away….Not Because You Stopped Loving That Someone. But Because You Have To Shield Yourself For Away.


Never Be Afraid To Be Alone Because Being Alone Helps Your Discover Who You Are And To Stop Looking Outside Yourself For Your Worth.


People Don’t Always Need Advice. Sometimes All They Really Need Is A Hand To Hold, An Ear To Listen, And A Heart To Understand Them


My Silence Doesn’t Mean That I Quit….It Simply Means That I don’t Want To Argue With People Who Just Don’t Want To Understand.

Top Alone Status

 Loneliness Is Very Good Feeling When It Is Created By Our-Self, But It Is The Most Worse Feeling When It Is Gifted By Others.


Learn To Be Alone And To Like It. There Is Nothing More Freeing And Empowering Than Leaning To Like Your Own Company.


Your Life Will Get Better When You Realize It’s Better To Be Alone Than Chase People Who Don’t Really Care About You.


Learn To Be Alone To Like It. There Is Nothing More Freeing And Empowering Than Learning To Like Your Own Company.


Walking Alone Is Not Difficult…But When We Walked A Mile With Someone Then…Coming Back Alone Is Difficult.


My Biggest Fear Is That I Will Become Too Conformable With The Idea Of Being Lonely For The Rest Of My Life.


 I Would Rather Be Alone With Dignity Than In A Relationship That Requires Me To Sacrifice My Self Respect.


 All Relationships Have One Law Never Make The One You Love Feel Alone Especially When You’re There.


 Standing Alone Doesn’t Mean I Am Alone. It Means I’M Strong Enough To Handle Things All By Myself.


I Just Like To Be Left Alone Sometimes, No I’M Not Angry, No I’M Not Sad. I Just Like To Be Alone.


 I Am Only The Person Who Knows What Is Love. What Is Loneliness And What Is Waiting For Someone.


The Most Valuable Thing In Marriage Is That You Can Be Alone Without Suffering From Loneliness.


Sometimes, You Need To Be Alone. Not To Be Lonely. But To Enjoy Your Free Time Being Yourself.


Sometimes The Person Who Tries To Keep Everyone Else Happy Is Always The Most Lonely Person.


Sometimes You Have To Give Up On People. Not Because You Don’t Care But Because They Don’t.


Sometimes People Have To Cry Out All Their Tears To Make Room For A Heart Full Of Smiles.


You Made Me Feel Like You Really Love Me & Then You Just Left Like Nothing Ever Mattered.


Worst Feeling Is Not Being Lonely. It’s Being Forgotten By Someone You Could Not Forget.


When You Feel Like You’re Alone In Life That’s When You Should Be Fighting The Hardest.

Best Alone Status

sometimes, It Is Better To Be Alone Because It Gives You Sometimes To Be Who You Are.


It’s Like I Wanna Be Left Alone But I Still Want People To Notice My Absence, You Know.


 Don’t Be Afraid To Stand For What You Believe In, Even If That Means To Stand Alone.


A Bore Is Someone Who Deprives You Of Solitude Without Providing You With Company.


We Enter The World Alone, We Lave The World Alone. So It’s Better To Be Alone.


Sometimes Life Is Too Hard To Be Alone And Sometimes Its Too Good To Be Alone.


A Wrong Relationship Will Make You Feel More Alone Than When You Were Single.


Loneliness & The Feeling Of Being Unwanted Is The Most Terrible Poversary.


The Most Terrible Poverty Is Loneliness, And The Feeling Of Being Unloved.


They Judge Me Before They Even Know Me. That’s Why I’M Better Off Alone.


Sometimes, The Biggest Battles You Need To Fight Are Against Yourself.


I Walk This Lonely Road With The Only Person I Can Trust….My Shadow.

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